Our Story

When tech entrepreneur Mira, felt that she was wasting time and money on skincare products, she had to pause and clear the clutter. Most of the products she owned were a complete mismatch.

She sought to find a solution not just for herself but for everyone! A solution from start to finish.

After intensive searching, from bloggers to beauticians, cosmetologists, and new skin technologies of the time, but it seemed that the perfect answer would end up being a combination of all.

By crafting powerful AI algorithms infused with human insights, Mirrori was born.

We took it upon ourselves to help people understand their skin and its needs. Clarify what they need and how to use it, leading them to purchase only the right products that will serve their goals.

Using our powerful AI algorithms that keep on improving through time, infused with human beauty experts around the world, we are here to make a change.

Our team

Mira Awwad-Khreish

(CEO and Co-founder)

Itai Caspi

(CTO and Co-founder)

Yarin Shahaf

(Domain Expert)

Shlomi Schelpak


Rakel Madar

(Head of Marketing)

Nir Gilad

(Senior Backend Engineer)

Firas Spanioli

(Senior Computer Vision Engineer)

Natasha Arutunov

(Content Manager)

Matan Ben Simhon

(E-commerce Expert)

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