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Introducing MIRRORI

Your Face. Your Collection. New look.

Mirrori is an AI-based virtual beauty assistant providing advice to women based on their facial features and their own inventory of beauty products

How it Works

Step 1

a selfie
Your beauty assistant would like to know how your face look like in order to give you the best personalized beauty advice

Step 2

Share your
beauty collection
Your beauty assistant would like to know your current beauty collection in order to generate personalized tutorials based on it

Step 3

Ask for your
special request
Ask your beauty assistant for any special requests you think might be useful in generating your personalized advice.


Enjoy your
beauty advice
Enjoy a unique and personalized advice with
how-to tutorials.


Mirrori offers a disruptive technology for beauty advisory and training by uniting state of the art technologies and professional human beauty advisors.

Combining the eagle eyes of computer vision to map the tiniest details of the user’s face, the intelligence of machine learning to detect and categorize makeup products, and the magic of deep learning to generate personalized advice on how to fully utilize the user’s makeup collection and recommend new products for achieving simply gorgeous looks.

All that while taking the users through the mesmerizing journey of augmented reality in the form of how-to tutorials on the user’s face.

By focusing on the post-purchase stage, and maintaining a personal profile for each user likes and preferences, Mirrori offers a “brand-neutral”, fully personalized experience.

Our team

Mira Awwad-Khreish

Co-Founder & CEO
Over 5 years of management consulting experience alongside leading the consumer goods practice in TASC Consulting and Capital. Holds B.A. in Economics and Business Administration and MBA from both Tel Aviv University and Duke University

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Matan Sela, Ph.D.

Co-Founder & CTO
Invented state-of-the-art algorithms in Computer Vision and Deep Learning related to facial images. Over 10 years of experience in research and development working with Google, Intel and other companies. Holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.

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Yarin Shahaf

Co-Founder & domain expert
Owner of “Yarin Shahaf”, the largest makeup school in Israel. Yarin is an advisor for top cosmetic companies in developing products and is involved in forecasting beauty global trends

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